January 19, 2021

How can you humidify dry air in production in a few hours?


Another great article written by our partner Realtime Technologies Slovakia where they talk about our Dry Fog humidifier and how you can humidify dry air in production in a few hours, with some customer reviews.

Did you know that during the winter heating season, the humidity in the rooms drops below 20% and dry air endangers the health of employees, reduces the reliability of your products, complicates production processes and damages equipment?

Dry air is the problem. It causes high static charges, the equipment gets damaged more easily, the products have an increased error rate, and dirt particles stick to everything due to more dust. Furthermore, the environment with low humidity also causes problems with the skin, mucous membranes and conjunctiva of employees.

In consequence, this impacts your business as you might not be producing at full capacity and, combined with experienced employees being sick, your profit is lower than you planned.

IKEUCHI humidification systems

A solution that we have for you is our humidification systems, which will allow you to do your work under optimal conditions in every season.

  • We effectively humidify the environment (indoor) without wetting the surrounding, products or workers. IKEUCHI humidification systems spray microscopic water droplets, smaller than 10 μm which we call “Dry Fog”, with efficient nozzles. The Dry Fog droplets are so small that they humidify the air without wetting the environment. This keeps equipment and staff dry and safe.
  • Dry Fog can be used successfully when disinfection of the premises is required. You can fill IKEUCHI humidifiers with  demineralized water or disinfectant.
  • The devices have low operating costs, which are 1/5 compared to conventional steam humidifiers.
  • We can very precisely regulate the level of humidity and temperature you need. As a result, IKEUCHI humidification systems are invaluable in industries where they weigh every percentage of moisture. We can keep the humidity level at the required level.

We at IKEUCHI are the leader in this field. Since 1954, we have tirelessly innovated in the world of nozzles, and our engineers have developed 42,000 different types of nozzles and humidifiers.

How can you humidify dry air in production in a few hours?

How can you humidify dry air in production in a few hours?

Japanese Dry Fog technology brings a number of benefits

How do our customers rate the installed IKEUCHI devices?

“In this way, I am sending you a positive reference to the IKEUCHI humidification system, which we purchased from you and implemented into our operation in order to humidify the environment in our operation (06/2018). The IKEUCHI system has a number of advantages for us compared to other systems we have used before (high pressure, steam humidification). 

How can you humidify dry air in production in a few hours?

Above all, I would like to appreciate its SAFETY, almost no costs associated with its service and operation, as well as the method of distribution of dry mist (spraying water with compressed air) – even spraying without dripping, water spray, etc. “ (Tomáš Kulich, Head of Maintenance at Enics Slovakia, sro)

Clients also appreciate the improvement of the air in the production premises.

The bonus is that the humidity will partially increase in the surrounding operations, which is also praised by employees for more pleasant breathing during the winter months and reduced dust.” (Minebea)

“As part of printing technologies, we have the required environmental parameters (air temperature, purity regarding dust and moisture content) prescribed by equipment suppliers, hygienic standards, and customer audits. Due to the fact that only drinking water can be used to humidify the air and our drinking water in the company has a very high mineral content, we have had major problems in the past in providing the required humidity. We used a steam humidification system and a humidification section system in the air conditioning units. The high content of minerals in drinking water caused us to settle and result in high maintenance costs. Drinking water treatment plants did not work for us either.

In 2016, we installed an offset printing machine, where the supplier required us to ensure the humidity in the production hall in the range of 46-54% due to the complexity of the technology. Based on the experience of one of the production facilities, where the IKEUCHI humidifier system was trial-installed, we decided to install this system in a new plant. Addressed representative f. Based on the volume of the production hall and technical requirements, Realtime Technologies specified the system (quantity and type of atomizers, osmotic unit, filters, humidity meters). We carried out the installation and distribution of water and compressed air at our own expense.

After putting the system into operation, I can state that the Ikeuchi system provided us with the required humidity parameters specified by the technology manufacturer. This is one of the very important parameters for ensuring the output quality of offset printing. We put the humidification system into operation in January 2017 and I must state its reliability and minimal operating and maintenance costs. Based on this experience, our company ordered two more such systems as part of investment projects for the installation of a flexographic printing machine and a new cutting production hall. In these operations, we had a problem with low humidity and subsequently with static electricity accumulated in the packaging foil packages. We put these systems into operation in November 2018.

Based on our practical experience, I can say that this humidification system has solved a long-term problem with air humidity in production facilities and I can recommend it to all potential applicants.” (Ing. Jozef Bendík, head. odd. of investment construction Chemosvit Folie, as, Svit)

Written by Realtime Technologies Slovakia.

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Christopher Hiraki – IKEUCHI EUROPE B.V.