June 11, 2019

How important is the difference with copy products?


Copy products of our nozzles: high quality vs. cheap production

Two weeks ago, we warned you about copies of our products with lower performance on the market and took our iconic Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E” as an example.

While it is easy to distinguish a copy product of the Dry Fog AKIMist®”E” thanks to its outside shape, color, logo, etc., when it comes to commodity nozzles, the distinction becomes more difficult to be visible to the naked eye.

That is why today we will focus on copy products of our nozzles and the difference in their manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing process of nozzles

To produce a nozzle, there are 2 main methods (most commons):

  • Machining the core material to shape it into the wanted design
  • Molding the core material by injecting it in a designed mold

When producing a nozzle through injection mold, there is less margin for production errors as the initial mold determine the final shape of the nozzle. However, as soon as the nozzle need precise tooling to shape the orifice, this is where the difference between cheap and high quality nozzle is visible.

High quality vs. cheap production nozzle

Few months ago, we explained in a previous article how to determine a good nozzle performance and tricks to recognize a good nozzle.

Nozzle: Expectations VS. Reality

One of the visible point to recognize a cheap produced nozzle is the imprecise tooling during the manufacturing process which will result in:

  • Burrs at the orifice easily noticeable, but also inside the nozzle’s structure (less visible);
  • Visible streaks in the sprayed water pattern.


Burr edge (2)

Burr edge

“Teeth” at the orifice

Streak side view

Streak side view



So how important is the difference in manufacturing processes with copy products?

To answer to this question, it comes down to the nozzle’s performance and the consequence on your manufacturing process and the quality of your final product.


Performance of our nozzles vs. copy products

If nozzles have burrs at the orifice due to an imprecise tooling for example, then you can be sure that you will have an inconsistent performance.

Burrs and streaks in the spray pattern have impacts on the spray pattern, the spray distribution, the impact strength and the water consumption.

A nozzle with a production error will have an uneven water density and impact which means for you:

  • Larger amount of water consumption;
  • Insufficient performance;
  • Easily clogged nozzles;
  • Increased in running cost;
  • Poorer quality for your final product;
  • Increased maintenance time and cost to replace the damaged nozzles;
  • Increased replacement time of the nozzles.

When one nozzle has a low performance, the results in a multi-nozzle arrangement will have an even worse performance.

Guarantee of performance as a nozzle manufacturer

As a nozzle manufacturer, we take upon our responsibility to provide a high quality product to our customers. Therefore, we always test the quality of one nozzle per batch of production to ensure we always deliver high quality.

We officially guarantee the performance of our nozzles in terms of:

  • spray capacity;
  • spray angle;
  • and spray angle tolerance for solid stream jet nozzles.

Quality & support

Please do not confuse our quality products to the copy products available on the market.

Contact us if you want more information about our products.