June 27, 2019

IKEUCHI EUROPE at the METEC exhibition this week!


METEC exhibition – The world’s metallurgical trade fair for metallurgy, steel casting and steel production.

From Tuesday until this Saturday, 29th of June, we are attending the METEC exhibition in Düsseldorf (Germany) with our Sales engineers of Europe and Japan (headquarters).

Take the opportunity to swing by our booth in Hall 3 C02 to discuss with them about your issues and news ideas for your steel production process.

What solution do we feature?


Our unique design descaling nozzle TDSS series

Why is it different from our competitors?

  • Longer lifetime thanks to its unique patented design
  • Water saving descaling nozzle using less water while achieving a higher impact
  • Descaling performance increase by reducing the angle of installation

Check out our demo video at our stand to see the spray impact of our descaling nozzle!

TDSS descaling nozzles

Unique water saving descaling nozzle (patented design)

Maintain an even cooling and benefit from our nozzle’s strong impact force for secondary cooling on CCM


Our nozzles provide an uniform spray distribution with a high impact as possible to ensure a smooth surface texture during the secondary cooling on CCM.

Save energy while maintaining a strong cooling performance, as our pneumatic (or hybrid) nozzles can still generate a strong spray impact without needing a high air consumption.

DOVEA for secondary cooling on CCM

Nozzles for secondary cooling on CCM: less clogging and uniform cooling performance

Check out our demo video at our stand to see the minimal variation in spray angle and distribution of the DOVEA series.

DOVEA lance nozzle

Even flat pneumatic spray nozzle for secondary cooling on CCM

The self-cleaning BRASIKan® nozzle header for surface finish

Reduce your maintenance time while increasing your productivity with our automatic brush-cleaning nozzle header.

You can install it for degreasing, rinsing and pickling on the surface of steel plates.

Check out our demo video at our stand to see how effective the brush for the anti-clogging spray header can be!

BRASIKan self cleaning nozzle header

Self-cleaning BRASIKan® nozzle header for surface finish

Our iconic Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist® “E”

This humidifier is the ideal solution to increase the relative humidity in a room without wetting the machines nor the operators.

Let the fog drive you to our booth and experience the none-wetting Dry Fog by yourself!

Humidification and Dust suppression

Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E” for humidification

More solutions, don’t hesitate to ask!

We have many more solutions for the ironmaking and steelmaking processes: from the raw material and iron making process to the production of slab, billet, bloom, beam blank on the CCM ; plate mill and hot / cold rolling mill ; and finally the surface finish process on CGL, EGL and CCL.

We are here to listen to you. Visit our booth Hall 3 C02!

IKEUCHI nozzle showcase 2