SETO-SD series

Solenoid-activated spray nozzle


Thread standard


Pipe conn. size

Rc 1/8"

Standard pressure


Spray angle


Spray capacity

y 0.9–26.4 ℓ/hr

Supply air type

Compressed air

Liquid feeding system

Liquid pressure, Liquid siphon

Mean droplet diameter

15–25 μm (*1, *3)

Air consumption

36–200 ℓ/min, Normal

Air pressure

0.2–0.4 MPa (ca. 2 - 4 bar)

Free passage diameter

0.3–1.0 mm (*2)

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  • Full cone spray pneumatic nozzle producing fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 15–25 μm (*3).
  • Fast response performance by solenoid activation: intermittent pulse spray at 0.02 sec/shot with a minimum of 0.006 cc/shot is possible.
  • Ideal for coating in small amounts, i.e. protective agent coating, etc.
  • IP65, IP67 (dust-proof and water-proof) structure.
  • Liquid siphon feed type (liquid pressure device is not required). Use with the liquid pressure device is also possible.

*1) Sauter mean droplet diameter measured at compressed air pressure of 0.2 MPa (ca. 2 bar) and liquid pressure of 0.13 MPa (ca. 1.3 bar) for SETO07503R-I+SD, measured at compressed air pressure of 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar) and liquid pressure of 0 MPa (liquid siphon feed) for SETO0405R, 07507R or 2210R+SD.
*2) Free passage diameter of liquid inlet.
*3) Measured by Laser Doppler Method.


  • Spraying release agent for metal molds
  • Coating
  • Mold cooling
  • Seasoning (food)
  • Uniform coating without dripping, etc.

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