LSIM series

Ultra-low pressure semi-fine fog full cone spray nozzle


Thread standard


Pipe conn. size

Liquid inlet: Rc 1/2", Air inlet: R 1*1/2" or R 2"

Standard pressure


Spray angle


Spray capacity

0–1,000 ℓ/hr (*1)

Supply air type

Blower air

Liquid feeding system

Liquid pressure

Mean droplet diameter


Air consumption

1,500–6,000 ℓ/min, Normal (*2)

Air pressure

0.02–0.06 MPa (ca. 0.2 - 0.6 bar)

Free passage diameter

1.5–2.0 mm (*3)

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  • Full cone spray pneumatic nozzle producing fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 40 μm or more (*4).
  • Produces semi-fine atomization having no large droplets. When the mean droplet diameter is 80 μm, the maximum droplet diameter is 180 μm (*4) under air-water ratio of 250.
  • Energy-saving for blower-use. Low running cost.
  • Spray angle of 20°.

*1) Spray capacity measured at liquid pressure of 0–2 MPa (ca. 0 bar – 20 bar).
*2) Air consumption measured at compressed air pressure of 0.02–0.06 MPa. (ca. 0.2 bar – 0.6 bar)
*3) Free passage diameter of liquid inlet.
*4) Measured by Laser Doppler Method.


  • Cooling: Gas, refractories

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