Low-pressure rotating cleaning nozzle


Pipe conn. size

Rc 1*1/2"

Rated pressure

0.3–0.8 MPa (ca. 3 - 8 bar)

Spray capacity

103–239 ℓ/min (*1)

Reach distance

Approx. 10 m in radius (*2)

Cleaning distance


Max. allowable temperature

80℃ (176°F)

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  • Low-pressure type rotating nozzle.
  • Solid stream jet provides high cleaning performance.
  • As the nozzle part is movable, it is easy to insert into and eject from a tank or equipment.
  • Compact design allows for installation in a tank with a small inlet.

*1) Spray capacity for each model:
RJ3-2-Φ7: 103 L/min (at 0.3 MPa, ca. 3 bar)–169 L/min (at 0.8 MPa, ca. 8 bar)
RJ3-2-Φ8: 127 L/min (at 0.3 MPa, ca. 3 bar)–207 L/min (at 0.8 MPa, ca. 8 bar)
RJ3-4-Φ6: 146 L/min (at 0.3 MPa, ca. 3 bar)–239 L/min (at 0.8 MPa, ca. 8 bar)

*2) Reach distance of RJ3-4-Φ6 is approx. 9 meter in radius.


  • Cleaning of tanks, chests, and containers, cleaning inside the chests (material tanks of papermaking)

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