Fog Cooling Unit for air conditioner outdoor units

COOLSAVE-D Fog Cooling Unit

COOLSAVE-D Fog Cooling Unit

Spray capacity

25.8 L/hr (*1)

Water pressure

0.25 MPa (ca. 2.5 bar)

Mean droplet diameter


Air pressure


Power consumption


Air consumption



Features of COOLSAVE-D Fog Cooling Unit:

  • The COOLSAVE-D utilizes fine fog evaporative cooling to cool air conditioner outdoor units.
  • This product reduces electricity usage by up to 10% and helps cut costs during summer peak-usage periods.
  • Offers outstanding water-saving performance.
  • Offers automated operation via setting of temperature, time, etc.

*1) This spray capacity is of COOLSAVE-D-10 (model suitable for 10HP air conditioner units).
Spray capacity varies by the model and spray pressure.
COOLSAVE-D-20 (model for 20HP air conditioner units): 51.6 L/hr

Unit specifications

Model No. The number of main header The number of sub-header(s) Total spray capacity at 0.25 MPa Outdoor unit (horsepower)
COOLSAVE-D-10 1 1 25.8 L/hr 10HP
COOLSAVE-D-20 1 3 51.6 L/hr 20HP

For units over 20 horsepower, multiple units can be used.


  • The COOLSAVE-D Fog Cooling Unit is used for cooling of air conditioner outdoor units used for cooling and refrigeration equipment.

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