Greenhouse with AKImist humidification


Issues in Horticulture

  • Dehydration of plants and crops
  • Grow of mold, bacteria and fungus
  • Inconsistent and slow growth
  • Water droplets on plants



Humidity control is very important when cultivating plants in greenhouses. A low level of humidity will lead to moisture loss and slow growth or even decease, while a too high humidity level will lead to mold and bacteria growth. Too humid conditions are also a preferred environment for various pests who will feed on the plants and cause various issues.

By installing a humidification system which continuously controls the humidity levels, plants will develop under utmost conditions, reducing waste and increasing growth cycles.

Our humidification system sprays a “Dry Fog” which will control the humidity and apply it uniformly, without leaving any droplets on the plants or crops.

Learn how Walters Garden successfully applied our AirAKI® humidification system to their greenhouses: Walter’s Garden



  • Very efficient cooling
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Uniform humidity across the same entire area
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Uniform plant growth – enabling shipment of all products at the same time
  • Limits water consumption due to the extremely fine mist
  • Prevents mold, bacteria and pests
  • Energy efficient system – lowest in class

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