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IKEUCHI is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality spray nozzles and humidification systems. We design and produce high-precision nozzles and humidification systems for various industries. As “The Fog Engineers”, we support manufacturing processes to solve their problem and improve their productivity.

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Ikeuchi – The Fog Engineers

From tradition to innovation: sustainable solutions for industrial manufacturing processes

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Nozzles, tank cleaners and accessories

Select from a wide range of nozzles depending on the type, material, spray patterns and spray capacities.

AKIMist® “E” Dry Fog Humidifier

Explore the benefits of industrial humidification of AKIMist® “E” and encounter the ways in which it’s Dry Fog can assist you.

IKEUCHI continuously invests in the quality of our products through research, innovation, and inspection processes. We provide a guarantee for all hydraulic nozzles’ spray capacity and spray angle regarding the accuracy of +/- 5% and 5° at the time of installation*.

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Encounter the 3D and 2D CAD drawings for our nozzles. You can easily download the designs and in case of assistance, you can always contact one of our specialists.

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Explore the new IKEUCHI product catalogs. Review our wide-range of nozzles and industrial systems: hydraulic, pneumatic, air nozzles, tank cleaners and humidification systems.

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Nozzle: Expectations VS. Reality

How to determine a good nozzle performance? How can you see it? Nowadays as a consumer, we are constantly looking for faster...

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