Humidification for indoor farming

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Humidity control for indoor farming 

Humidity control is one of the most important factors for succeding in indoor farming because you want to imitate the natural growing environment as closely as possible.

Neither a too high or low level of humidity is healthy for the growth of plants and vegetables. A too high level of humidity can encourage diseases and fungus. A too low level of humidity on the other hand can lead to lower yiels or in the worst case desiccation.

Water uptake

Humidity plays a role in a plant’s ability to uptake water through its roots. When the air is too dry, plants may lose more water through transpiration than they can absorb through their roots, leading to water stress and decreased growth. Proper humidity levels help ensure that plants can efficiently take up water and nutrients.



Transpiration Control

Transpiration is especially important in vertical farming, where space and resources are limited. It is the process by which plants release water vapor into the air through small openings called stomata on their leaves. Humidity affects the rate of transpiration. High humidity can reduce transpiration rates, which can be beneficial in preventing excessive water loss and maintaining consistent moisture levels in the plant.



Transpiration control with humidification

Nutrient Uptake

Humidity levels can also affect the absorption of nutrients by plants. Proper humidity ensures that nutrients in the growing medium are available for plant uptake, which is essential for healthy growth and high yields.


tomatoes in indoor farming environment

Energy Efficiency

Efficient humidification systems can help improve energy efficiency in vertical farming facilities. By maintaining the right humidity levels, growers can avoid energy waste associated with excessive cooling or heating to compensate for fluctuations in humidity.

indoor farming humidification


Solution: AKIMist® “E” Adiabatic humidification system

The most energy efficient and easy controllable humidification system for indoor farmers. Leading and reliable humidification technology from Japan.


humidity control for indoor farming


Advantages of AKIMist® “E” 

  • Highly energy efficient – 1/5th less energy
  • Easy to install and control
  • Non-wetting due to small droplet size
  • No condense
  • Very compact – 5 inch like a smartphone
  • Low maintenance
  • 4 spray nozzles on each unit which can be turned in any direction
  • Each spray nozzle can spray up to 4 meters and cover a large area
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