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 Hollow Cone Spray Pattern Nozzles

Hollow cone spray pattern nozzles are hydraulic nozzles. We designed our hydraulic nozzles to spray water or other liquids. Thanks to their high range of possibilities, we have a good answer to a lot  of applications: 

  • cleaning;
  • spraying water or chemicals;
  • cooling;
  • paper or metal trimming, etc.

We classify hydraulic nozzles into 4 categories: flat spray pattern, hollow cone pattern, full cone pattern, and solid stream jet. These categories represent different spray patterns and each of them will be more suitable depending on the application and the results you are looking to achieve. 

With similar pressure, spray capacity and spray angle, the mean droplet size of hollow cone spray nozzles is the smallest among all hydraulic nozzles. Indeed, reducing the mean droplet diameter increases the total surface area of the spray liquid which has a great effect on transport phenomena of materials, such as chemical reaction, absorption, adsorption, etc. Moreover, hollow cone spray nozzles are suitable for cooling and washing gases, humidifying and chemical reactions.


At IKEUCHI, we have determined the fundamentals to select the right nozzle for your application based on their characteristics. When selecting the nozzle, we advise you based on your required spray angle, spray capacity, optimum spray pattern, and spray distribution.

If you have technical question about nozzles, need advice to choose, or request a quote, 

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