What we offer

What do we offer? Spraying nozzles

We offer more than 42,000 types of spraying nozzles to support the growth of industries. By listening to our customer’s need and problem, we advise the most adapted nozzle.

They are divided in 5 categories: hydraulic, pneumatic, air nozzles, tank cleaner and nozzle-based system.

spraying nozzles

Who are we? The Fog Solution Provider

As “The Fog Engineers“, we analyze customers’ needs and assess the best solution adapted to their floor layout. Thanks to our experience and our R&D department, we deliver ideal, high-precision fog to the industrial world. We take it as our task to provide nozzles that are easy to use and with droplet diameters that can accommodate all purposes.


What are the Fundamentals for Selecting Spray Nozzles?

Each nozzle is designed to provide the specified

  • spray angle (1),
  • spray capacity (2),
  • optimum spray pattern (3),
  • and spray distribution (4) at each standard pressure*.

*The standard pressure varies per series and is indicated in the catalogs. It is defined as the design pressure based on the usual liquid pressure during normal use.

1. Spray Angle

It is the angle of spray measured near the nozzle.


2. Spray Capacity

It increases as the specific gravity of the liquid sprayed becomes lighter and the spray pressure becomes higher.

3. Spray Pattern

It means the cross sectional shape of the spray. IKEUCHI categorize them in 4 different shapes:

  • Solid Stream Jet
  • Flat Spray
  • Hollow Cone Spray
  • Full Cone Spray

We have our original inspection standard for spray pattern. Only the nozzles that pass the inspection will be shipped.


4. Spray Distribution

It means the spray flow distribution in the direction of the spray width.

Spray-Distribution-illustration Spray-Distribution-measured

Classification of Spray Droplet Size:

As “The Fog Engineers”, IKEUCHI has classified the spray droplets size by measuring their diameter. (see the Classification of Spray Droplet Size in p.3 of the Hydraulic Spray Nozzles Catalog)

This classification helps us to offer the right performance to the customer.


How to measure the Spray Droplet Diameter?

Mean droplet diameter varies depending on

  • the type of the spray nozzles,
  • liquid pressure,
  • and spray capacity.

It is an important element in selecting nozzles and designing nozzle-related equipment.

We use two industrial methods to measure the droplet diameter:

  • immersion sampling method
  • and laser analyzer (Fraunhofer diffraction method and Doppler particle analyzer).