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As “The Fog Engineers”, we develop complete systems to combine our manufactured nozzles and humidifiers to ancillary devices, for an easier and efficient installation.

The industrial fogging systems allow a precise and efficient way to monitor the humidity percentage and temperature levels in a room. Many factories require specific humidity characteristics to operate at their full capacity, to minimalize the error percentage or to reduce their energy cost.

Humidifiers are best applicable to:

  • control the level of humidity indoor and outdoor;
  • suppress dust particles indoor and outdoor;
  • reduce defect rates;
  • prevent electrostatic discharge;
  • prevent heat and dryness related issues;
  • create a healthier working environment.

Some of our humidification systems are spraying microscopic droplets, smaller than 10μm, that we call “Dry Fog”.

The Dry Fog’s droplets are so miniscule that they can produce humidification without wetting its environment, thus keeping your devices and employees safe and sound. Spraying demineralized water, the Dry Fog droplets are ideal for rooms with high hygiene conditions.

Specific nozzles for fog systems applications

The purpose of the fog systems is to instill a suitable level of humidification within an industrial environment  by spraying miniscule water droplets – Dry Fog particles. This spread is accomplished through the selection of specific nozzles that ensure the spraying volume of a certain amount of water per hour through droplets.

Depending on the purpose of the application and the setting environment, the variation in the nozzles’ Sauter mean droplet diameter  is important,  as you can either focus on providing a high quality silky Dry Fog or a large volume of fog.

In order to ensure that the quality of the nozzles is resistant to the circumstances induced by the spraying of droplets, we offer different materials for the nozzles’ tips,  like ceramic, metal (stainless steel or aluminum), or PTFE.  Some have the property of being wear resistant, others scratch resistant, while the last are chemical resistant.

Demineralized water

When spraying demineralized water, it creates a light mist of water particles that does not wet its surrounding environment. The demineralized water is recommended to be utilized with our Dry Fog systems, as it is filtered with a UV lamp.

This way, we can ensure that the bacteria appearance will be avoided and as well as the possibility of spraying and spreading it in the air along with other unwanted particles (like white dust) that might possibly affect the manufacturing process. In addition, by following our recommendations, the droplets of demineralized water will not wet or affect the surfaces in which they circulate, due to the current technological advancements of Ikeuchi’s.

Industrial environments

In our European market we can currently assist with the recommendation of our dry fogging system This solution can be implemented in various industries, depending on the necessities of our customers. As examples of industries in which Ikeuchi recommends the utilization of this solution we can mention the following:

  • agriculture
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • food
  • livestock
  • machine parts manufacturing
  • plastics
  • printing
  • textile industry
  • warehouses

Although the system can be implemented in various  environments, the purpose of a humidification system is the same, to maintain the relative humidity at a proper level. This is important because the relative humidity level should be maintained between 40-60%, as recommend for an optimal working environment. In the case of a dry environment (low level of relative humidity), this can affect the production process, due to static energy, and also the health of your employees. On the other hand, a high level of relative humidity (above 60 %), can lead to moisture, mold, mosquito infestation, etc.

Thus, managing and maintaining the relative humidity level at an optimal level has multiple benefits over the production process, such as:

  • minimalizing the maintenance;
  • increasing the life span of the machineries,
  • decreasing the product and machinery defects,
  • and also influencing the health and safety of your employees by improving the breathing air conditions.

Dry Fog solutions and systems

Our most known humidifier is the Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist® “E”, which shows amazing performances and is used in hundreds of different factories. Its Dry Fog is so efficient that it can even be used in a clean room where high hygiene conditions are required.

Our systems, such as the AirAKI®, are automated versions of our humidifiers. Equipped with monitoring panel control, they allow total control over your humidity levels and let you decide and monitor the humidification of your rooms.

The installation time for our solutions and systems is fast, due to the efficient assembly and as they do not require any pipping work.

Check out some of our customer testimonials to read about successful installations!

If you have technical question about our installations, need advice to choose the right solution for you, or simply want to request a quote,

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