IKEUCHI’s Systems

In the nozzle industry, humidifiers are a very common use of nozzles efficiency. It allows a precise and efficient way to monitor the humidity and temperature levels in a room. Many factories need specific humidity characteristics to operate at their full capacity. Humidifiers are best to :

Our humidification systems are spraying microscopic droplets, smaller than 10μm, that we call “Dry Fog”. Dry Fog’s droplets are so small that it can produce humidification without wetting its environment, thus keeping your devices and employees safe and sound. 

Our most know humidifier is the Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist® “E”, which shows amazing performances and is used it hundreds of different factories.

Our systems, such as the AirAKI®, are automated versions of our humidifiers. Equipped with monitoring panel control, they allow total control over your humidity levels and let you decide and monitor the humidification of your rooms.


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