spraying nozzles vs. damaged nozzles

How to determine a good nozzle performance? How can you see it? Nowadays as a consumer, we are constantly looking for faster delivery, cheaper price, quick response time, in order to be able to fit in a tight budget-and schedule. Living in a digital world, it is also quite easy...

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Ever wondered what the advantages are of each type of disinfectant? A partner of ours has written an article about it and we would like to share it with you that is written by Realtime Technologies Slovakia.

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why humidity prevents virus spread

With the current situation, everyone is searching for the best ways to reduce the risk of getting the virus. At IKEUCHI, we aim to provide the best support with our humidification products.  Humidification helps a lot with preventing the virus from spreading in an indoor location. Here we will talk...

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results of Dry Fog

Application of Dry Fog in specific industries We have talked about the benefits that Dry Fog can generally bring to a manufacturing industry. The AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system and in general the Dry Fog humidifier AKIMistis®“E” are used in various factories such as electronics, printing, paper & pulp, plastic,...

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efficiency of disinfection and droplet size

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, the disinfection business is on the top of online search. As “The Fog Engineers, we provide the right spraying equipment to efficiently atomize the disinfectant liquid that our customer chooses. But how do you know which spraying equipment is the best between all the...

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air pollution

Reduction of industrial emissions The coronavirus pandemic revealed a huge drop in air pollution. Thanks to the lock down many countries choose to put in place since January 2020 (starting with China), the industrial emissions have seen a drastic drop worldwide. The Satellites from the European Space Agency took pictures...

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