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public area disinfection

Get your summer discount on our SETOV Spray Unit! The SETOV Spray Unit is a portable spray unit used for instant cooling and disinfection in facilities. We have stock in the Netherlands, reducing the shipping time for all deliveries in Europe. Contact us to get your summer discount and place an order! The SETOV...

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results of Dry Fog

Application of Dry Fog in specific industries We have talked about the benefits that Dry Fog can generally bring to a manufacturing industry. The AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system and in general the Dry Fog humidifier AKIMistis®“E” are used in various factories such as electronics, printing, paper & pulp, plastic,...

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efficiency of disinfection and droplet size

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, the disinfection business is on the top of online search. As “The Fog Engineers, we provide the right spraying equipment to efficiently atomize the disinfectant liquid that our customer chooses. But how do you know which spraying equipment is the best between all the...

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air pollution

Reduction of industrial emissions The coronavirus pandemic revealed a huge drop in air pollution. Thanks to the lock down many countries choose to put in place since January 2020 (starting with China), the industrial emissions have seen a drastic drop worldwide. The Satellites from the European Space Agency took pictures...

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disinfection and sanitization

How our AKIMist®”E” is used for disinfection and sanitization? In Italy, our Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist®”E” with Mendizza Water & technologie portable tank unit is used to disinfect and sanitize public areas with RENTACS ITALIA chemical liquid. In Slovakia, RealTime Technologies is using the Dry Fog humidifier with their own portable unit...

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Current COVID-19 situation The outbreak of the current coronavirus has created difficult situations for every industries worldwide. We are proud that our products are contributing in the fight against the virus spread: for more detail, read this article. Therefore, in order to continuously support our customers using our nozzles and...

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