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The quality of products is the main focus of every factory. Every industry tries to find ways to be more efficient in their processes to reach a good quality of its products, and several methods can be used to reach this outcome. You can implement new strategies such as developing...

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damaged nozzles

Nozzles are essential to many industries because they allow very precise and powerful work to be cost-efficient. However, damaged nozzles can slow down your activity without you even knowing it. We will see today how nozzles can be damaged and how important it is to take care of nozzles and...

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Purified water

In natural water and tap water, hardness components such as calcium and salt components such as sodium or silica are dissolved. This may cause several problems for industrial machinery or products using this kind of water.  This is the reason why many industries use purified water instead of tap water....

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How much humidification do you need to add exactly? (Next article after the Effect of lack of humidity and The right humidity level for each industry) Once you have identified the issues of your industry and decided that a humidification system was the right solution, you still have to decide...

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Air blower

A lot of industries require to blow air during their production process. Many factories use open pipes with compressed air but this is a noisy and expensive solution. IKEUCHI designed its air nozzles to answer perfectly the expectations of the industry: efficient, energy-saving, protective of the users.   However, there...

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When we talk about humidity control, we always do it through the eye of productivity. But the humidity – or dryness – of the air we breathe has a significant impact on different health factors. Could humidity control, and its various applications, have a say in tomorrow’s measures to improve...

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