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How can we help steelmaking plant during the secondary cooling process? Nowadays, the demand for steel is getting more and more specific (like high tensile strength steel, advanced high-strength steel, etc.). The market worldwide is split between emerging economies where the demand and production are growing, the US with tariffs...

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nozzle quality

Copy products of our nozzles: high quality vs. cheap production Two weeks ago, we warned you about copies of our products with lower performance on the market and took our iconic Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E” as an example. Be careful with copy products on the market! While it is easy...

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How to benefit from the growth of Electric Vehicles in the automotive market? Millions of euros are going to be invested in electric vehicles and self-driving cars with advanced technologies. The automotive market is facing a fast growing trend and many car manufacturers are taking the opportunity to increase their...

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Copies of our products with lower performance on the market When searching for a nozzle or a humidifier, you might come around products that look like ours but with a cheaper price. When using a copy product, there is no guarantee of performance and it has a lower quality. How to...

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How to solve the airborne contamination with fog? Working in a factory, you encounter different type of air pollution: fumes, dust, particles, vapors, gases, etc. Because you might inhale the airborne contaminants, ingest or absorb them through skin, controlling the air pollution is mandatory. But how can fog help you?

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metec exhibition

IKEUCHI will showcase its energy-saving solutions for iron & steel manufacturers From June 25th until June 29th, IKEUCHI EUROPE is attending the international metallurgical trade fair METEC in Düsseldorf (Germany). The METEC exhibition is the world’s meeting place for leading experts in metallurgy, steel casting and steel production. We will...

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