Last week, we explain the mechanism of electrostatic breakdown and how it can damage the production. Static electricity can also create damages not just with the high voltage flow, but by creating a spark. That spark can trigger a fire or an explosion depending on the working environment conditions. Let’s...

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Electrostatic discharge and their damages (from electrostatic breakdown) are a major problem for industrial manufacturing processes. Not only it can damage the production and machines, it also endangers workers. That is why we have been covering this topic through several articles to explain how we can support factories (especially for...

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Last week, we covered how static electricity is generated and by consequence electrostatic charging that can be damageable for manufacturers. Static electricity is due to unbalanced quantity of electrons (-) and protons (+) in a material which can be caused by contact charging or friction charging. In both cases, the...

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One of our humidification solution is applicable to prevent electrostatic discharge from happening. When static discharge occurs, not only is it a physical discomfort for workers, it often damages the production. It can also be considered as a “potential danger” depending on the working environment as it can trigger fire....

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January 14, 2020

What is comfortable air?


As “the Fog Engineers”, we specialized ourselves in understanding what are the right conditions needed for an optimal humidification system. We’ve studied what is the right humidity level for each industry, the factors that affect the humidity level and the consequences of a low humidity level on different industries. We...

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Nozzles diveristy

Nozzles diversity is very large because each nozzle is designed for a specific purpose. We could think that nozzles are interchangeable and that they could be efficient in any situation, but nothing would be more wrong. Let’s dive into nozzles diversity and why you should never use a nozzle for...

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