High pressure car wash nozzles


Issues faced with cheap production nozzles for car wash

  • Quickly worn out nozzles
  • Excessive water use
  • Wasted chemicals
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Poor spray distribution

Solution: Ceramic VNP nozzles

Ceramic VNP nozzles are an ideal solution for high pressure cleaning applications, such as car wash. This unique nozzle has a flat spray pattern with a uniform distribution across the pattern area. The standard pressure is 3.0 MPa. Switching from a standard metal-based nozzle to our VNP nozzles with ceramic orifice will increase your spray performance while decreasing your operating and running costs with a minimum waste of water and chemicals.

Ceramic nozzles have several advantages over standard metal nozzles: 

  • High wear resistance
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Can maintain its strength up to 1400°C

Ceramic nozzles have a high abrasive resistance:

  • 100 times higher than brass
  •  20-30 times higher than stainless steel

Ceramic nozzles are highly resistant to chemicals:

  • Resistant to most acids and highly corrosive liquids
  • Higher chemical resistance compared to metal


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VNP nozzles

Nozzle characteristics:

  • Flat spray pattern with uniform spray distribution across the pattern area
  • Standard pressure: 3.0MPa


  • One piece structure with a ceramic orifice insert


  • Nozzle orifice: ceramic
  • Metal parts: S303 or B (brass)
  • Special order material: S316


  • R1/8…S303: 7g, B (brass): 7.4 g
  • R1/4…S303: 20g, B (Brass): 22g



Increase your cost efficiency with wear resistant nozzles

  • Worn out nozzles have a uneven spray pattern and distribution. This not only leads to excessive water and chemical waste (up to 30% more) but also to a poor car wash experience for your customers.
  • As water is becoming an increasingly scarce and expensive resource, replacing your car wash nozzles could potentially save you thousands of euros annually.

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Other applications

  • High pressure cleaning: Automotives, containers, tanks, wire and felt
  • Parts of paper making machines, wire-cylinders, filter presses, other
  •  Industrial cleaning and degreasing

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