Full Cone Spray Pattern Nozzles

Standard full cone nozzles

Standard angle

Standard angle
special angle

Atypical angle nozzles

Atypical angle nozzles
anti-clogging nozzle

Anti-clogging hydraulic nozzle

Anti-clogging hydraulic nozzle
Special Full Cone Nozzle

Multi-orifice spray nozzles

Multi-orifice spray nozzles

Full cone spray pattern nozzles are hydraulic nozzles. We designed our hydraulic nozzles to spray water or other liquids. The other hydraulic nozzles are: flat spray patternhollow cone patternsolid stream pattern. These categories represent different spray patterns and each of them will be more suitable depending on the application and the results you are looking to achieve.

With a full cone spray pattern, the droplets are sprayed in a cone-shaped manner, having its origin point at the nozzle orifice. This spray pattern is often recommended in multiple industrial applications, as it allows an even distribution of a liquid onto a surface.

This spray pattern is useful when it comes to spraying a cooling liquid on a still surface. Since full cone nozzles are very useful, a wide range of specific nozzles for various applications have been designed. Some of the full cone nozzles are designed to be clog-resistant.

To get a better grasp at the applications for which they are suitable for, the full cone spray pattern nozzles are organized into 4 sub-categories, as follows:

  • Standard angle full cone nozzles
  • Special angle full cone nozzles
  • Anti-clogging nozzles 
  • Special full cone nozzles

How to choose the right full cone nozzle?

A nozzle’s characteristics and features are distinguishing from nozzle to nozzle, depending for which  application they are suitable for. Some distinguishing factors are related to the type of spray angle and the spray characteristics, as these differs from nozzle to nozzle.

In the case of the standard angle nozzles, the spray capacity ranges from small to medium depending on the liquid pressure and spraying time, and the full cone spray pattern has a round impact area and a uniform distribution. On the other hand, certain  models from the anti-clogging nozzles have a higher spray capacity, which are ideal for specific type of applications such as cleaning and washing booths.

What is applicable for the great majority of full cone spray nozzles is their uniform spray pattern distribution. Only for models such as the INJJX-Y series,  the type of spraying liquid distribution system implemented is a mountain-shaped spray distribution.

 Regarding spray angles, these vary from sub-category to sub-category. As an example, within the special angle full cone nozzles we can encounter 3 different types of angles:

  • narrow,
  • wide,
  • and variable between certain degrees.

However, they all have a full cone shape pattern which is a distinctive characteristic even from other type of patterns, such as the flat spray pattern, which is linear rather than conical.

Applications and usage of full cone nozzle

Thanks to their high array of possibilities, the full cone spray nozzles provide a wide variety of optimal solutions to your applications, from which we can mention the following:

  • cleaning;
  • spraying water or chemicals;
  • cooling;
  • paper or metal trimming;
  • irrigation.

These applications, and many more, are possible thanks to the unique design and innovative process of Ikeuchi.

The full cone spray pattern nozzles are manufactured either from stainless steel  or plastic.  In addition, some of the models have the benefit of being designed from a special material for which Ikeuchi is renowned:  ceramics. In certain cases, advanced ceramic materials have been utilized to produce  whole nozzles and orifices only.

One of the main reasons for utilizing ceramic nozzles, is that they are ideal for situations when abrasive-wear occurs.

The spray nozzle head is always exposed to abrasion due to high velocity flows. If the liquid to be sprayed also contains slurry or impurities, abrasive wear will occur more quickly.

Our spray nozzles with ceramic material have an enhanced toughness which slows down the wear of the nozzles compare to standard steel nozzles.

The spraying products that have been manufactured either with a ceramic nozzle orifice or full ceramic nozzle: JUP series, J series, 7KB series, JUXP-AL92 series,  AJP-AL92 series.

If you would like to encounter more details  in regard to ceramic nozzles’ benefits and applications, please visit the Ceramic Nozzles page.

What is the process of atomization? 

Generally speaking, the nozzles from the cone spray category generate a finer atomization of liquid than those from the flat spray or solid stream. In order to better grasp this difference between spray nozzles, we will present a description of fine fog.

The atomization principle is based upon a liquid that is sent into the spray orifices of the nozzle tip and it is atomized inside these orifices by shearing force. When the sheared liquid is sprayed out of the orifices, it is re-atomized by the supersonic jet, creating a fog stream. Each fog stream that is created and sprayed out of the orifices collide with each other in a center point, and it is further atomized. The atomized particle sizes depend on the type of nozzle and orifices, and on the mean droplet diameter.

From the hydraulic nozzle category, we can mention that the hollow cone spray pattern nozzles are finer than the full cone. However, the most specialized nozzles in the fine atomization are the pneumatic nozzles. The reason behind this is thanks to their design of using a high-velocity flow of compressed air that gives them distinguishing features. One distinguishing feature is that although they are spraying with two types of liquid, the pneumatic nozzles produced by Ikeuchi are energy efficient.

Ikeuchi can also assist not only with a product, but also with a solution that is in atomization by spreading fine or semi-fine  Dry Fog. The spread of the semi-fine  Dry Fog provides an effective evaporative cooling effect, while the fine  Dry Fog can be used as a way of atomizing, cleaning, or disinfecting, amongst other applications.

In case of requiring more information, on each product page there is a general description that emphasizes the specific characteristics of each product, and also the applications that are optimal for a particular type of nozzle. Moreover, there are products that have a video attached on their product page. By doing so, you can observe the flow rate of the spray, the pattern and the distribution of the product as a virtual exposition. However, our experts are always at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact them in case of requesting for additional information over the product.


At IKEUCHI, we have determined the fundamentals to select the right nozzle for your application based on their characteristics. When selecting the nozzle, we advise you based on your required spray angle, spray capacity, optimum spray pattern, and spray distribution.

If you have technical question about nozzles, need advice to choose, or request a quote, 

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