Air Nozzles

IKEUCHI’s Air Nozzles

Nozzles are precision tools used in many industries to spray air, water, or a mix of liquid and air. They have multiple applications such as cooling, dust suppression, drying, blowing off, etc. Each nozzle has precise characteristics such as spray angle, spray capacity, spray pattern, and spray distribution

IKEUCHI technical air nozzles have been developed to maximize blowing efficiency. The wide range of models within each series offers the possibility of choosing the most suitable nozzle for each application, optimizing the blowing force and airflow required. This complete design contributes to decreased compressed air costs and better control of the blowing accuracy of each application.

Flat, compact, round, we have several shapes of nozzles for different applications: drying, blowing off particles, cooling, cleaning, air curtain, etc. Spraying air can be very noisy in and industrial environment, but IKEUCHI’s nozzles reduce significantly the noise levels compared to an open pipe. 

We divide our air nozzles into 2 categories: compressed air driven nozzles and air blower driven nozzles. These categories represent each way that the air can be supplied to the nozzle and implies different installations. Each of them has special properties and will answer better to one kind of application.


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compressed air

Compressed Air Driven Nozzles

Compressed Air Driven Nozzles
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Air Blower Driven Nozzles

Air Blower Driven Nozzles