Anti-clog Dry Fog Humidifier

The AKIMist®“E” Dry Fog Humidifier

seto jet


The AKIMist “E” SETOJet Version humidifier is designed for sites with high levels of  airborne dust, such as paper dust and paint particles, which often clog the nozzles.

  • Minimizes clogging caused by foreign particles adhering  to the nozzle orifices.
  • Well-suited for locations where maintenance is difficult.
  • An excellent alternative to our conventional humidifiers for sites with clogging problems.




Reasons for anti-clogging

AKIMist “E” SETOJet Version creates a wall of air around the spray to prevent foreign particles from adhering to the nozzle orifices, reducing the frequency of maintenance.

This SETOJet nozzle is compatible with the existing AKIMist “E” humidifier.

anticlog akimist


clogged akimist


Example of clogged AKIMist “E” on a site with extreme high levels of airborne dust.


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Spray capacity

2.4 - 9.6 L/hr (*1)

Mean droplet diameter

9-10μm (*2) (**)

Power consumption


Water pressure

0.05–0.4 MPa

Air pressure

0.2 -0.5 MPa (ca. 3 bar)

Air consumption

45 - 240 L/min, Normal (*3)


The AKIMist “E” SETOJet Version is especially suited for humidity control in:

  • Paper mills
  • Painting process
  • Textile  industries


The AKIMist “E” SETOJet can
be applied with up to 4 spray
nozzles which each spray at a
distance of 4 meters.

This provides flexibility to adjust
the spray direction as needed
and possible to cover large areas
with only one unit.

It is easy to change the direction
of each spray nozzle by hand.



Product accessories

Depending on the type of application and use, the AKIMist ® “E” Dry Fog Humidifier can be offered with mounting kits and UT adaptors. These accessories assist in facilitating its installation and the spraying angle and direction.

Moreover, additional cleaning kits are provided, as the nozzles do not incorporate self-cleaning nozzle technology. Even in the case of demineralized water usage, the nozzle tips need regular cleaning. This way, you ensure that the environmental dust particles are removed and do not interfere with nor affect the atomization.


Hanging down kit


Wall mounting kit

If you have a project / a need for humidification, contact us for an analysis of your factory and a customized quote! Our regional sales engineers will be able to provide a solution to your request.




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