High-precision spray nozzles for every manufacturing process

IKEUCHI is a Japanese manufacturer of high-precision spray nozzles and humidification systems. We design and produce high-precision nozzles and humidification systems for various industries. As “The Fog Engineers”, we support manufacturing processes to solve their problem and improve their productivity.

Discover our solutions

AKIMist® “Dry Fog”

This industrial-use humidification system uses fog that does not wet anything it touches.

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Our AKIMist®”E” for disinfection and sanitization

How our AKIMist®”E” is used for disinfection and sanitization? In Italy, our Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist®”E” with Mendizza Water &...

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The Fog Engineers

As “Fog Engineers”, we provide engineering solutions for a broad range of manufacturing processes. Since our foundation in 1954, we have been supporting global industrial spray nozzle and atomization requirements with innovative products, adding value to customers through spray engineering support.

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