Our solutions: Common applications & industries

We offer a wide variety of solutions based on our nozzles and spraying systems. From our wide product range of spray nozzles and spraying systems, our field engineers study customers’ needs and issues to offer a customize suitable solution. From cooling, fire prevention, humidity control, pollution control to simply spraying, we offer solutions to multiple industries through multiple applications. As “The Fog Engineers”, we use our knowledge, experience and best practices to bring a technical support to our customers. Not just a re seller, as a nozzle manufacturer we understand the technical characteristics of nozzles. Therefore, we make sure to understand each installation / issue to solve. We always challenge ourselves to bring the best support to our customers. As high-quality is a must for our products’ standard, we make sure we deliver the same quality standard for our technical services.

As our website is in constant development, not all the industries we cover and applications we know how to solve are listed here. If you cannot find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us! And follow us on LinkedIn to read about our success stories and news.