Our solutions: Common applications & industries

Industrial spray and air nozzles 

In times where technology advances at a fast pace, the customers’ needs and requirements follow the same pattern and are constantly changing. In order to be able to provide the right products at the right time, Ikeuchi has taken the path of serving the needs of its customers by providing an extensive and comprehensive product range of nozzles. 

 The products that are being offered are suitable within various industries and, regardless of the type of nozzle and its application, the standard of quality strives to remain similar, an excellent quality that can be not only guaranteed, but also supported by testimonials and success stories of our customers. 

Currently, our nozzles and solutions can be applicable within the following industries:

  •  Agriculture and livestock; 
  •  Automotive;
  •  Electronics; 
  •  Energy;
  •  Environment and entertainment;
  •  Food products;
  •  Health;
  •  Paper and Pulp, Printing;
  •  Plastic manufacturing;
  •  Pollution control;
  •  Steelmaking.  


Types of spray and air nozzles for different applications

  • Hydraulic spray products: single-fluid nozzles (liquid);
  • Pneumatic spray products: two- fluid nozzles (air and liquid);
  • Tank cleaners;
  • Humidification products: pneumatic nozzles are strong types for this application.
  • Air nozzles: single-fluid (air);


Quality of industrial spray nozzles, a key mission at Ikeuchi 

Ikeuchi dedicates itself to delivering a high quality of products, which can be emphasised through the currently implemented quality policy. The quality policy relates to the internal and external processes, which our company undergoes, in order to ensure the delivery of excellence within service and products.

 Our quality policy highlights the following characteristics:

  •       Acting in an authentic manner towards customers while maintaining good communication and taking their viewpoint into account.
  •       Investing in the constant development of new products and services that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers, and a solution to their needs.
  •       Quality related targets will be set and pursued by each division, in order to better the quality, delivery time and cost performance.
  •       Accomplishing satisfaction by providing solutions to the needs of the customers and the society at large, by incorporating a sustainable approach that will take into account the natural environment.
  •       Systematically training and developing our employees in order to maintain and augment the levels of safety and ethical behavior.
  •       Conducting management reviews in order to maintain the appropriateness of quality policy.
  •       Striving to continuously improve in order to ensure effective utilization of the quality management system.

The quality policy is the one of the most important pillars in Ikeuchi and is applied in our headquarter and factories. Moreover, they have been ISO9001 certified, which highlights the level of quality that is implemented in the manufacturing and testing stages of our spray and air nozzles.



With over 42,000 products to choose from, applicable in various industries, Ikeuchi continuously innovates and adapts to the ever-changing trends and the demands of the customers, while striving to maintain high quality products and services. Thus, there are unlimited possibilities for our quality industrial products: nozzles and nozzle-related systems, in any industry and/or application. Our experts will assist you to customize the most reliable solution for you.


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