Low pressure protruding rotary nozzle

RJ2-PON series



The RJ2-PON series tank cleaner’s features:

  • Pressure opening nozzle: an interior wall cleaning nozzle that opens/closes by liquid pressure.
  • Unique mechanism: the nozzle tip protrudes and rotates for cleaning only when activated by liquid pressure.
  • Low-speed rotary nozzle powerfully cleans the insides of ducts or tanks.
  • Enables fixed installation: nozzle tip surface is flat in interior wall when not in use for cleaning.
  • Highly chemical-resistant and hygienic.

    *1) Reach distance is mentioned in “Other information”.
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Pipe conn. size


Rated pressure


Spray capacity

40, 60, 80 L/min (at 0.3MPa)

Reach distance


Cleaning distance


Max. allowable temperature

80°C (176°F)


The RJ2-PON series tank cleaner has multiple applications:

  • Tank cleaning
  • Duct cleaning

Suitable for the following industries:

  • Chemical
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Printing
  • Food & beverages
  • Medical

Case Studies

Here are some example of successful tank cleaning processes with the RJ2-PON series:

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