Extremely fine fog spray nozzles with tank

SETOV Spray Unit

SETOV Spray Unit


The SETOV Spray Unit ‘s features:

  • Start spray just by connecting compressed air;
  • External mixing type of nozzle reduces clogging;
  • Extremely fine fog with a mean droplet diameter of approx. 15 μm;
  • Two choices of nozzles with different spray capacity:
    • SETOV0406 sprays approx. 2.2 L/hr at full liquid level, 1.8 L/hr at low liquid level at 0.3 MPa*
    • SETOV0508 sprays approx. 3.3 L/hr at full liquid level, 2.8 L/hr at low liquid level at 0.3 MPa*
  • Continuous spraying time:
    • SETOV0406: Approx. 9–11 hours at standard pressure*
    • SETOV0508: Approx. 6–7 hours at standard pressure*
  • The 20 L tank with casters is easily portable;
  • Spray direction changeable with universal ball joint ;
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.

*Note: at standard pressure of 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar). These are mean values. Spray capacity varies depending on the present liquid level.

SETOV Spray Unit

SETOV Spray Unit

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Thread standard


Pipe conn. size


Standard pressure

0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar)

Spray angle


Spray capacity

SETOV0406: 2.2 L/hr* ; SETOV0508: 3.3 L/hr* (full tank)

Supply air type

Compressed air

Liquid feeding system

Liquid siphon

Mean droplet diameter

15 μm

Air consumption


Air pressure


Free passage diameter



The SETOV Spray Unit is used for disinfection purpose. To know which chemical liquid you can use with this product, please contact us.


  • At the Nishiwaki City Library in Japan: installation of the automatic disinfectant sprayer at the entrance. It activates automatically when visitors pass through the entrance and sprays diluted hypochlorous acid water for several seconds.

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