ESD prevention with fog



Issues related to ESD in sensitive working environment

What are the consequence when electrostatic discharge (ESD) happen?

  • Product defects 
  • Mounting error
  • Losing reliability of product quality from the final client 
  • Energy cost of air conditioning to avoid ESD
  • Possibility of starting a fire in a sensitive environment


SMT line

Solution: Humidification system to suppress and prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Keeping proper humidity in a whole year helps the generated electrostatic to be quickly dispersed and released into the atmosphere. Proper humidity makes static potential lower and electrostatic discharge comes to less arise.  

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Example of Systems / Products used for this application

AirAKI® Industrial humidification system, it sprays Dry Fog with an average droplet size of 10μm or less. Dry Fog does not make wet and rust for any machines, floor, and wall. The AirAKI contributes energy-saving humidification and air-cooling. At the semiconductor factory, there is huge amount of humidification and air-cooling but the conventional atomizing system cannot keep the factory with constant humidity. Using RO water, the system achieves less maintenance of nozzles and less maintenance cost.


AirAKI® system with the Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E”


  • Productivity improved
  • Quality stabilized
  • Prevention of ESD destruction
  • Energy saving 
  • Less maintenance frequency and cost

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