Humidity control in production processes



Issues related to low humidity level and/or no humidity control in production for all types of industries

  • Static electricity damages
  • Particle adhesion on end products (product defaults)
  • Ignition source / explosion
  • Product defects and/or destruction during manufacturing
  • Work environment problems caused by low humidity (sick workers) or static charges (electrostatic discharge)
  • Dust explosion
  • Electric shock to workers and the equipment
  • Contamination of components
  • Deterioration of the product’s characteristics
  • Operation shut down, malfunction of the equipment / machines
  • Adhesion and/or repulsion between objects

For more detail of troubles caused with low humidity in different industry, have a look to this article.

Solution: Energy-saving systems for humidity control in production


In order to lower in-house energy usage, our solution will replace the steam humidification system traditionally installed in production facilities. Water-spray humidification systems do not use fuel oil like steam humidification and in comparison they use smaller amount of electricity.

While steam humidification generate heats, our humidity control systems sprays none-wetting fog that cools down when evaporating in the working environment.


Example of Systems / Products used for this application

AirAKI® Industrial humidification system

Humidification units Dry Fog humidifier or Portable humidifier set


  • The AKIMist Dry Fog humidifier is recognized as a requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies based on IPC J-STD-001 standard.

IPC standard for IKEUCHI AKIMist


  • Solving two problems at once: reducing static electricity and energy costs
  • Major energy cost reduction with a lower consumption of electricity
  • Cooling and humidifying without wetting the environment, the objects and the workers
  • Facilitate production speeds and quality by controlling the product end results, the humidity-and temperature level.

AE compared to steam humidification

Humidity control in specific industry