October 1, 2019

The ABC of the spray nozzle’s characteristics


A glossary of the fundamentals for selecting a spray nozzle

Nozzle manufacturers and resellers use different terms when it comes to explaining the characteristics of a nozzle:

  • Spray capacity
  • Capacity water
  • Flow rate
  • Liquid distribution
  • Fan shape pattern

Therefore, it can become a bit confusing when trying to compare different nozzles manufacturers.

So, based on which characteristics can can you be sure you are selecting the correct nozzle?

In our fundamentals for selecting spray nozzles, we mention that you can base your selection on the performance of a nozzle.

For example :

  • the spray angle,
  • the spray capacity,
  • an optimum spray pattern,
  • and the spray distribution.


In addition, we categorize each spray pattern in 4 different shapes:

  • Flat spray
  • Hollow cone spray
  • Full cone spray
  • Solid stream jet

flat spray nozzle performance

In short, here is a list of the characteristics and similar terms you can find when searching for a nozzle.

  • Spray angle:

    • Definition: it is the angle of spray near the nozzle orifice, measured at the top of the pattern.
    • Similar terms: Ø
  • Spray capacity:

    • Definition: it is the amount of liquid sprayed at a defined pressure. As a result, is often determined in /min or /hr.
    • Similar terms: Flow rate and Capacity water
  • Spray pattern:

    • Definition: it is the figure seen on the cross-sectional shape of the spray.
    • Similar terms: Ø
    • Similar terms: Ø
  • Spray distribution:

    • Definition: it means the distribution of spray flow in the direction of spray width.
    • Similar terms: Spray coverage and Liquid distribution.
  • Flat spray pattern:

    • Definition: it is a flat sheet of spray representing a delimited line on the spray impact area.
    • Similar terms: Flat fan, Fan nozzle and Flat jet.
  • Hollow cone spray pattern: 

    • Definition: it is a ring of spray pattern representing an empty circle on the spray impact area.
    • Similar terms: Ø
  • Full cone spray pattern: 

    • Definition: it is a conical shape spray representing a full circle pattern on the spray impact area.
  • Solid stream jet pattern: 

    • Definition: it is a straight jet which is represented by a dot on the spray impact area.
    • Similar terms: Solid stream and Primary jet.
  • Hydraulic nozzle:

    • Definition: a one-fluid nozzle generally using water or other liquid to spray.
    • Similar terms: Single-fluid atomization.
  • Pneumatic nozzle: 

    • Definition: a two-fluid nozzle generally using air and liquid to generate finer water droplets usually defined as fog.
    • Similar terms: Pneumatic atomization, Air atomizing, Two-fluid and Atomizing.

As a nozzle manufacturer, we guarantee the performance of our hydraulic nozzles in terms of spray capacity and spray angle.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand the different terms and what it represents.

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