TIO Pnevmatika

TIO Pnevmatika


When was TIO Pnevmatika founded?

TIO Pnevmatika was founded in 1954, and is celebrating 70th anniversay this year. It was founded privately, but as a part of KEM company. The production was mostly consisting of regulating equipment, specifically hydraulic regulators. Later in the 60’s the company started developing and producing pneumatic components.

What year did TIO Pnevmatika become a distributor of Ikeuchi?

Tio Pnevmatika became Ikeuchi distributor early in the year 2020, and the first goods arrived in our company by the end of the year. We wanted to expand our range of products and therefore reach more clients. Ikeuchi products soon became a success.



                                                     Product image from the early days of TIO Pnevmatika




What is the main business of TIO Pnevmatika? 

TIO Pnevmatika is a distributor of worlds leading pneumatic companies. Our products offer a wide range, and as a consequence we have the ability and knowledge to solve a lot of issues our clients worry about. We sometimes call ourselves a »Problem solving company«.

We operate in the majority of industries because many of them have their production based on pneumatics. Some are searching for solutions, ie lowering the air consumption, automatisation, but some only need spare parts and a little technical help.


Is there anything special about the markets that you operate in?

Our markets are small, competitative and demanding. Our customers are looking for a high quality product for a fair price and fast delivery times.


How many employees work at TIO Pnevmatika and where is your office located?

There are 13 employees situated in Slovenia, and one in Zagreb Croatia. We have founded TIO Serbia last year, and already have two employees there.


Any plans for the future?

TIO Pnevmatika’s plan is to move towards robotic and mechatronic solutions.