Disinfection of facilities with Fog

disinfection of facilities


Purpose of disinfection of facilities

  • Sterilization of surfaces
  • Elimination airborne contamination
  • Prevention of virus and bacterial spread
  • Maintaining healthy environment
  • Disinfection of public areas, working spaces, communal rooms, manufacturing facilities
  • Disinfection of facilities without damaging / wetting the production and people thanks to small droplets sprayed
  • Sprayed droplets small enough to effectively destroy viruses and bacteria
  • Combined with an efficient disinfectant chemical solution to sterilize
disinfection of facilities

Disinfection area before the entrance

Solution: Spraying systems from extremely fine fog to Dry Fog

By spraying a fine fog with diluted disinfectant chemical liquid*, our spraying units prevent viral infection.

From an extremely fine fog unit (SETOV Spray Unit) to our original Dry Fog unit (AKIMist®”E”), they can increase the humidity level of a room in order to efficiently disinfect.

Please follow the instructions of the disinfectant liquid when you spray indoor and outdoor, as well as your countries’ regulations for disinfection application.

*we do not provide the chemical liquid


Examples of Systems / Products used for this application



Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E”

SETOV Spray unit

SETOV Spray Unit

SETOV Spray unit (with 20 L tank)

Success Stories

In the entire Europe, thanks to the collaboration with Mendizza Water & technologie, RENTACS and RealTime Technologies, our disinfection unit are installed in offices, supermarkets, hospitals, and public areas to break down bacterial and viral loads from surfaces.

Portable and easy to handle, they are ideal for the disinfection of facilities such as hospitals and public spaces.


  • Spot disinfection or ambient (full room)
  • Chemical resistant products
  • Low cost – operating costs are one fifth compared to conventional steam atomizers
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • All-in-one solution with built-in compressor

For more information about existing installation against the COVID-19 spread:

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disinfection of facilities

Additional line-up for disinfection of objects:

In addition to spatial disinfection with our fog sanitization units, we offer hydraulic nozzles for:


  • Hand disinfection (disinfectant with low viscosity, not suitable for gel basis):


  • Disinfection gate for workers: plastic nozzle





  • Disinfection gate for vehicles:


[WARNING] As we do not provide the disinfectant liquid, please follow the instructions from the disinfectant provider as well as your countries’ regulations. 

Disinfection in office (Rentacs)

Disinfection in hospital (Rentacs)

Disinfection in train stations (Rentacs)

Disinfection in supermarkets (Rentacs)

Disinfection in shopping malls (Rentacs)

Spot disinfection of inside a car (RealTime Technologies)