Pollution Control

Suppress dust for Environmental Protection


Common issues with dust particles as air pollution

  • Airborne contamination in the working environment
  • Health problems

Solution: Spray Nozzles to suppress dust for environmental protection

Pneumatic spray nozzles are capable of dust suppression without significantly wetting the environment by swiftly spraying a large volume of droplets of 20 to 100μm diameter.



After installation of nozzles to suppress dust

nozzles spraying to suppress dust

Example of Systems / Products used for this solution

  • Fine fog pneumatic spray nozzles

BIM series  Pneumatic Fine Fog nozzles series

GSIMII series  Large Capacity Fine Fog Nozzles/ Full Cone Spray



  • Dust content reduced by more than 90%
  • Control of the airborne contamination for a better working environment

Advantages of the solution

  • Unique design of BIM series greatly minimizes clogging
  • Energy-saving design of GSIMII series
  • Fewer parts than typical nozzles for easier maintenance

Other applications for these nozzles

Cleaning, Spraying

Related applications