November 6, 2023

Add disinfect to potato grading line to prevent potato soft rot

Disinfection of potato grading line

The potato soft rot disease presents a serious risk for potato growers all over the world. Potato soft rot is caused by different types of bacteria which can already have infected the potato plant and tubers before they have been planted. The bacteria usually spread through wounds or damage to the potatoes which occurs during harvesting and grading. According to potato specialists, hygiene is of great importance to prevent spreading the potato soft rot bacteria early on. According to SAC Consulting potato specialist Kyran Maloney: “Cleaning the grading line as often as possible with a disinfectant like peroxyacetic acid will avoid making any problems worse”. This way, additional spread of bacterial soft rots can be avoided before seed reaches customers in the spring.



Add disinfect spray nozzles to your potato grading line:

We offer several spray nozzle disinfection solutions for the food and beverage industry. Implementing a disinfection spray on a potato grading line is a simple task. We create a tailor-made solution depending on the size of the grading machine and the disinfection need.



BIM PP spray nozzle for disinfection on conveyor belts:

The BIM spray nozzle sprays a fine spray with a droplet size between 20 – 100 μm. The BIM spray nozzle is suitable for disinfection due to its excellent chemical resistance with polypropylene construction. Since the BIM spray nozzle is pneumatic, it needs compressed air.



BIM disinfect of potato grading line





disinfection of potato grading line

KB spray nozzle for disinfection on conveyor belts:

The KB spray nozzle is a great replacement for BIM in the case that the customer does not wish to add compressed air. The KB nozzle is an ultra-small capacity hollow cone spray nozzle with the finest atomization among hydraulic nozzles. The mean droplet diameter is between 45 – 210 μm.