January 16, 2023

How to save energy with humidification

Save energy and costs in your factory by optimizing your humidification system

If you are looking for a way to optimize the energy use in your business and save money, it can be very profitable to look into your humidification system. There is a significant difference between steam humidification and dry fog (cold mist) humidification. The energy costs of running a dry fog humidification system like AKIMist® E is five times lower than a conventional steam humidification system.

Steam versus dry fog

Since a steam humidification system uses a boiler, it is dependent on crude oil and thus have the highest CO2 output of all humidification systems. Other cold water spray (adiabatic) humidification options include: centrifugal humidifier, Ultrasonic humidifier and the high pressure humidifier. These are also good alternatives to a steam humidification system when it comes to energy conservation. However, a dry fog system like AKIMist® can cover a larger area or be used for spot humidification, which decreases operating and installment costs further.

Nozzle replacement

A worn or outdated nozzle can make a serious difference for air and water consumption. Take for example the difference between the new AKIjet03C and its predecessor AKIjet 04S used for the AKIMist® E. Both nozzles can spray the same amount of water (2.4L/hr at 3 bar) but the air consumption was improved to 80% less! In the same manner, worn nozzles or nozzles which have not been maintained or used properly can become ineffective and unreliable over time.

Water saving benefit

The AKIMist® E is also more efficient with water conservation than many of the conventional humidification solutions. Since AKIMist® sprays with 100% efficiency, no water is lost in the process. Additionally, since AKIMist® can be used for spot humidification and cover a larger area, water is also conserved in this manner. This is worth taking into consideration with the increasing concern for water conservation in the future.

Replacing a worn out nozzle also saves energy and water

Temperature benefit

If you don’t have a humidification system yet, you might also want to look into the energy benefits of installing one. Humid air holds more heat than cold air. This means that the temperature can be lowered a few degrees while still feeling equally warm in the room. Simultaneously, employees and equipment will benefit from the adjusted humidity which reduces virus spread and benefits the protection of the human immune system.


Another advantage of upgrading your humidification system is the reliability and maintenance. Modern humidification systems use better materials than their predecessors and have an improved longevity. Additionally, when using purified water as recommended, cold humidification systems such as AKIMist®, are practically maintenance free.


Advantages of AKIMist® E:

  • Humidifying with water without wetting equipment (no water drops)
  • Prevents static electricity at production site
  • Easy installation by adding on to existing HVAC
  • Easily adaptable to changes in the floor layout
  • Its double advantage of cooling while humidifying
  • Reducing product loss and scrap
  • Improving product quality
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low maintenance

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