February 5, 2018

What’s NEW for IKEUCHI

2019 = Exciting changes!

2019 started with lot of changes for us:

  • Establishing our new office after the moving in December 2018, making it a nice and work friendly environment;
  • Optimizing our new website with new content and feature (first blog post!!);
  • Welcoming new talents within our team to help us grow;
  • Starting our own experience of growing tomatoes in the office (stay tuned to follow our tomato experience).

Here is a glimpse of what we have been doing with our office while growing our business at the same time.

We are excited to enter 2019 and looking forward to invite all our customers and business partners to visit our new location.


More news to come!

Our next project for the office: we are designing our huge warehouse of 400 m2 to showcase our solutions. Stay tuned!