October 23, 2023

Prevent ToBRFV with disinfection

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus

The number of tomato-farms which have been infected with the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) has recently increased. This is a fast spreading virus, and farmers can risk losing up to 70% of their production if their greenhouses are infected. Currently, researchers are investingating how to breed new tomato sorts which are resistant to the virus. However, until then greenhouse farmers need to take their precautions to prevent ToBRFV.




How to avoid virus spread

  • Avoid visiting multiple greenhouses and avoid multiple visitors in your greenhouse
  • Always disinfect before entering a greenhouse or switching between greenhouses
  • Avoid bringing accesories into the greenhouse or between greenhouses
  • Use gloves when touching the crops and remember to change them regularly
  • Wash working clothes properly after working in the greenhouse



Prevent ToBRFV with disinfection


Disinfection solution

Ikeuchi offers a disinfection solution to prevent the spread of the ToBRFV virus from one greenhouse to another. Our portable SETOV disinfect unit can be used to disinfect workers at the entrance before they enter a greenhouse or before they switch between greenhouses. Since it is portable with a 20 L tank, it can also easily be used to disinfect inside the greenhouse.


Setov portable spray unit

  • Extremely fine fog with a mean droplet diameter
    of approx. 15 μm
  • The 20 L tank with casters is easily portable
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance
  • Japanese design and technology
  • The spray direction is adjustable with a ball-joint adaptor
  • Cost-efficient and simple solution


disinfection of greenhouse

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