January 5, 2022

What are the advantages of each type of disinfectant?

Ever wondered what the advantages are of each type of disinfectant? Technologies Slovakia , a partner of Ikeuchi, has written an article about it:

Do you want to get rid of viruses on the premises of your company, shop, school or office?  Then you have several options for disinfecting. Let’s look at two types of instrumental disinfection of different premises.

Dry Fog disinfection

When disinfecting with Dry Fog, the device sprays miniature drops of disinfectant. These drops are so small that they leave no traces of wetness in the area. Electronics, paper and all other equipment will stay completely dry. One nozzle reliably disinfects up to 100 m3 in about 10 minutes. You have a choice of a device with one or two nozzles, depending on your disinfection needs.

When disinfecting with Dry Fog, it is necessary to have a disinfectant solution. However, the device is compatible with all types of disinfection. When using gentle disinfectants such as Desanol, people can stay in the room during disinfection.

When using demineralized water, the device can also be used to humidify the premises – which you will especially appreciate during the summer heat. In winter, it will help you to reduce morbidity and static charges caused by dehydrated air.

The AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit has a service life of at least 6 years.

Ozone disinfection

For ozone disinfection, the device is relatively small and you do not need a disinfectant solution. Ozone is produced on site by a silent electric discharge or UV lamps. Disinfection of an area of ​​100 m3 takes about 40 minutes.

After ozone disinfection, the area must be properly ventilated, as more ozone is harmful to humans. Also, during ozonation as the ozone generator is switched on, there must be no living being in the room. This also includes animals. If the space is not properly ventilated, more sensitive people will feel sick from ozone and come down with headache.

Due to the technology, this method is more suitable for smaller spaces.

The ozone generator can only be used to disinfect rooms. The life of the ceramic plate that generates ozone is 5,000 hours (less than a year).

Clear comparison of individual types of disinfection procedures

AKIMist® Mobile disinfection unit DryFog

  • Possibility to disinfect in the presence of people (depending on the chemical used).
  • Disinfecting a 100 m3 room takes 5-15 minutes and can be used during this time. Disinfecting the car takes about 1 minute.
  • The life of the head depends on the fluid applied through the nozzle. With demineralized water, 6-12 years.
  • Disinfection of a room consists in applying the solution to the given room, while the relative humidity must reach at least 60%, which completely disinfects the room.
  • Suitable for all room sizes. AKIMist® heads can be installed on air conditioning and used in large spaces.
  • When applying demineralized water, the nozzles must be cleaned once every 6 years. When using stronger chemicals, it is possible to use titanium nozzles, which ensure high resistance and prolong service life.
  • The unit can be used with any disinfectant solution.
  • The effect of individual types of disinfectant solutions is longer-term.
  • The device can be used even after the epidemic as a humidifier. Humidification helps a healthier work environment and reduce morbidity in the workplace.

Ozone generator for disinfection purpose

  • It must not be turned on in human presence.
  • Ozonation of a 100 m3 room takes 38 minutes + at least 45 minutes of room ventilation. The car must be ventilated for at least 15 minutes, otherwise severe headaches will occur.
  • The service life of the ceramic plate of 5,000 hours is 208 days.
  • The European Union limits the amount of artificial ozone. IEC 335-2-65 Art. 32.1 states that the concentration of ozone must not exceed 0.05 ppm at a distance of 50 mm from the source – i.e. it is not effective spatially.
  • The device is not suitable for large spaces.
  • The device works on the principle of flow and high voltage, which is a perfect dust collector and must be cleaned frequently.
  • Some people are sensitive to the smell of ozone and make them sick.
  • The effect is short-lived and immediately after ventilation, the area is virucidal.
  • The device is single-purpose.

To know which model of disinfection unit is the more adapted for your utilization and the chemical liquid you want to spray, please contact one of our engineers.  We will find the best solution of spraying system for your application.