December 22, 2023

What is adiabatic humidification?

akimist humidification

Adiabatic humidification refers to increasing humidity by adding cold water to the air, as oppose to isothermal humidification, where hot water (steam) is introduced into the air.

In adiabatic humidification, cold water is atomized into tiny droplets which evaporates into the air. Since this evaporation process uses heat from the air, adiabatic cooling will always lead to a reduction in temperatures (around 2 ºC), whereas isothermal humidification will lead to an increase in temperature.


Advantages of adiabatic humidification

Energy Efficiency: Adiabatic humidification systems are more energy-efficient than traditional methods. Since the cooling process relies on the natural properties of air and cold water, it reduces the energy costs significantly

Versatility: Adiabatic humidification can easily be applied in various settings, from industrial processes to HVAC systems.

Scalability: Adiabatic systems can be designed to scale easily, making them suitable for both small and large-scale applications. Whether you need to cool a small room or an entire industrial facility, adiabatic cooling systems can be adapted to the required scale.




droplets from humidification

Different types of systems

Adiabatic humidifiers cover a wide range of systems with different advantages and disadvantages. Among these are pressurized water humidifiers, wetted media humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers and centrifugal humidifiers. Common to all these is the risk of leakage, lack of control and hygiene issues. Read more about different types of humidifiers here.

At Ikeuchi we have developed an adiabatic solution which is 100% non-wetting and offers full control of the humidification levels. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance and supervision. It has been implemented by several factories in various industries from electronics to printing and textiles. AKIMist “E” has been developed in Japan and is the highest quality among industrial humidifiers.


AKIMist humidification

  • AKIMist “E” sprays a “dry fog”. The droplets are so small ( 7.5 μm). that they bounce back without wetting any surface.
  • AKMist “E” uses 80% less energy than traditional humidification systems
  • The AKIMist “E” can spray the dry mist over a distance of 4 meters from each nozzle and can cover a large area with a single unit.
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