January 26, 2024

What is the cost of an industrial humidification system?

The cost of an industrial humidification system depends on a number of factors such as the type, its capacity, the humidification load it needs to cover and the energy consumption. Prices can vary between a few hundred to thousands of euros, so there is something for every budget. However, an industrial humidification system should be seen as an investment which will be returned in terms of better product quality, less scrap, higher safety, and a better working environment.


Things to consider when comparing the costs of industrial humidifiers

It can be tempting at first glance to save money and purchase the lowest cost humidification solution. It comes with a number of risks however and could end up costing the company thousands of euros due to damaged equipment or health issues.

Product quality:

Cheap humidifiers are often made with lower-quality materials which leads to a shorter lifespan, the likelyhood of malfunctions and a lower performance.


Ultra-sound humidifiers and air-washers are known as a cheap humidification solution for larger buildings. However, they are also known for an increased risk of legionella spread compared to adiabatic atomising humidifiers and steam humidifiers.


Cheaper humidifiers might produce more noise during operation. Higher-quality models often include noise reduction features, providing a better work environment.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Cheaper humidifiers will require more frequent maintenance and may be more challenging to clean. Inadequate cleaning can lead to the growth of mold or bacteria, which can be harmful to the health of employees.

Limited Features:

Lower-cost humidifiers may lack advanced features such as built-in hygrometers, adjustable humidity settings, or automatic shut-off. These features can enhance convenience and control.

Leakage risk:

Lower-cost humidifiers may lead to the risk of leakage or condensation. Adiabatic humidifiers without atomisation cannot ensure a consistent droplet size and may leak on expensive equipment or cause a mold outbreak.


Steam humidifiers used to be the most common solution for industrial humidification. It may seem as a cost-efficient solution as a one-time purchase, but the energy costs could make it the more expensive choice in the end. With the recent spike in energy costs an adiabatic humidifier can reduce the energy bill by 80% and even contribute to air conditioning by cooling.

Copy products

Also please be aware of cheap copy-systems. At first glance, many devises can look similar, but on the inside the quality is completely different. A copy product will not only lead to a reduced performance, it will also compromise safety of workers and equipment.


The best choice for quality and energy-efficiency

The AKIMist® humidifier, is a unique Japanese invention which offers full control of the humidity levels in a factory. It is an adiabatic humidifier, which means that it increases humidity by adding cold water to the air. AKIMist is known for its non-wetting abilities as the droplet size is less than 7.5μm. This means that the droplets are so small that they will bounce back without bursting on any surface. No risk of leakage or condensation. This is a very convenient ability in a factory with expensive machinery and materials which cannot get exposed to water or condense. At the same time, adiabatic humidifiers are very energy-efficient and uses 80% less energy that conventional humidifiers, such as steam humidifiers.




AKIMist as single unit or as a system

AKIMist is easy to install and can either be mounted on the wall or he roof. Since each unit has 4 spray nozzles, each with a range of 4 meters, one AKIMist can cover a large area. For a bigger factory, AKIMist can easily be installed as a system.

We call this system AirAKI.


Humidification for the small factory

For the small factory, a portable humidifier is the ideal solution. The portable AKIMist can easily be moved to the area where it is needed. Since each of the 4 nozzles can spray the dry mist over a distance of 4 meters, it can cover a large area with a single unit.


Humidification at paper tissue production


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