Flat type, 50 mm-wide

TAIFUJet® series TF-F50

TAIFUJet® series TF-F50


The TAIFUJet® series TF-F50 nozzles’ features:

  • 50-mm wide air nozzle
  • Taking in surrounding air and boosts multiplied air flow
  • Max. allowable temperature: 400℃ (750°F)
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Spray pattern


Pipe conn. size

R 1/4"

Standard pressure


Spray angle


Spray capacity


Supply air type

Compressed air


The TAIFUJet® series TF-F50 nozzles have multiple applications:

  • Blow-off drying: Blow-off drying after washing, Edge wiper for steel surface treatment, Blow-off drying for engine block
  • Blowing off dust/paint dust/debris, Blowing off inferior products (rejection of inferior products)
  • Cooling: Pinpoint cooling for molded plastic

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