Flexible tube for air nozzle

FT series

FT series


The FT series accessories’ features:

  • Enables adjustment of air blowing directions as desired.
  • Tube path and angle can be adjusted as desired.
  • Highly pliable hose holds its shape well and will not spring back.
  • Various types of air nozzles can be attached according to your usage.


  1. Air nozzles are not included (separately sold). The above photo shows flexible tubes with air nozzles attached.
  2. Use this flexible tube at air pressure under 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar). (In some cases, the tube may not remain fixed depending on the nozzle type and/or tube length due to its spray reaction force).
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Main material

Polyacetal (POM)


The FT series accessories is used for applications where large changes in spray direction are required depending on the application.

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