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Customer Testimonial in the greenhouse cultivation industry: Certhon

Certhon is a developer and technical installer of modern greenhouses and indoor farms. The family-owned company is based in the Netherlands and has more than 125 years of experience in horticulture.  In addition to turnkey greenhouses, Certhon focuses on labour efficient solutions with autonomous growing and robots.  With their cultivation solutions, Certhon aims to increase localized food production all over the world and thereby increase the sustainability and nutritiousness of crops.




Project outline

Certhon was looking for a humidification solution for its Gronos solution. Gronos is an automated cultivation system which can produce high-quality cherry tomatoes consistently throughout the year. The tomato plants don’t need any manual actions, from seed to harvesting. Grown in a fully indoor or hybrid construction with LED lights, these tomatoes can be grown anywhere in the world at any time a year with the same consistent quality.

Certhon tested the AKIMist® “E” humidification system and found it to be compatible with the high standards of the Gronos growing solution.

“We are very pleased with the results of AKIMist and are looking
forward to implement this humidification solution in future projects”.

Gerard Van Lier, Technical Manager Irrigation, Certhon.  






Akimist for greenhouse


Advantages of AKIMist® “E”


  • AKIMist “E” sprays a “dry fog”. The droplets are so small ( 7.5 μm) that they bounce back without wetting any surface.
  • The non-wetting ability leads to an even plant growth while protecting high-precision machinery in the growing facility.
  • AKIMist “E” is extremely energy-efficient and uses 80% less energy than conventional humidifiers.
  • 4 spray nozzles can be attached to each unit and each one can spray the dry mist over a distance of 4 meters and cover a large area with a single unit.
  • Little maintenance
  • High quality and longevity



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