AKIMist in wine cellar

AKIMist in wine cellar

Case Study – How to regulate the ambient humidity to reduce the evaporation of wine with AKIMist® ?

Effects of an un-uncontrolled humidity level in wine cellar

  • Product loss up to 5% a year
  • Loss of wine due to evaporation
  • Un-constrolled absorption of wine by the wooden barrel




Wine barrels


AKIMist® “E” is a dry fog humidifyer which can produce and maintain a humidity-controlled environment

  • Non-wetting – droplets are as small as fog and evaporate before reaching any surface
  • Very energy efficient – 1/5th the energy use of conventional humidification systems
  • Easy installation – can be added on to the existing HVAC
  • Low maintenance





Results after installing AKIMist® “E” 

  • Reduced product loss
    One customer managed to save 130 bottles per year
  • Productivity increase
    Less topping – less labour 
  • Energy savings
    Reduction in airconditioning costs 
  • Control of product flavour
    Product quality increased

Wine grapes


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