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Lavateh is active in the car wash industry and other car maintenance areas. One of their main businesses is a self-service car wash. Lavateh was established in 2000 and is located in the city of Vukovar in Croatia.



Lavateh car wash


Problems faced

Lavateh provides a self-service car wash application for which the customer use a hand-held water-spray device to clean the car. A spray nozzle is attached at the end of the device. Lavateh was looking for a more durable solution than the steel spray nozzles as they quickly deteriorated.



Lavateh decided to switch to Ikeuchi’s VNP nozzles and were very satisfied with the results.

We really like that the VNP nozzle is so durable. The ceramic tip holds the shape of the spray for very long. This also means that the water and chemical mixture remains at a stable level. In our experience, steel nozzles change fast which leads to a higher use of water”.

Damir Basevina, CEO of Lavateh


After switching to VNP ceramic nozzles, Lavateh has achieved a significant  reduction of water and chemical use in their car wash applications. In addition, the durability of the nozzles has led to a cost reduction since they don’t need to be replaced as often.





VNP nozzle

  • High pressure cleaning spray nozzle
  • Flat spray pattern with uniform distribution throughout pattern area.
  • Ceramic orifice for increased wear and chemical resistance
  • Nozzles last 20-30 times longer than stainless steel nozzles
  • Save 155 Euros per nozzle per year
  • 10-15% less water waste
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