SMT customer testimonial



This SMT customer designs and manufactures control boards for air conditioners and refrigerators, mainly selling to group companies. The company is located in Dalian, China and is a joint venture between a Chinese and Japanese company. 



SMT customer testimonial


Problems faced

The SMT manufacturer started facing problems with humidity when they relocated their factory in 2013. Since winters in Dalian are extremely dry, with humidity levels often below 10%, static electricity problems were very common. Originally, the factory had conductive flooring and wrist straps for grounding, but that alone was insufficient for static electricity control. Introducing humidification was deemed absolutely necessary to cut off the source of static electricity. In addition, the company wanted to create a clean and safe environment for their employees.


After installing AKIMist dry humidification in their factory, the director could see clear improvement.

“By implementing the dry fog humidification system during the factory move, we have been able to maintain humidity at 45% throughout the year, which helps prevent static electricity issues during dry winters. The visual impact of the misting in action also makes a strong impression on visitors, positively affecting their perception of our factory.”

Director and General Manager


By being able to maintain humidity at 45% all year round, the factory has seen a significant reduction in ESD related issues and could reduce their scrap products.


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