Particles suppression in MRO hangar (dust related)



Issues in MRO paint hangar

In MRO paint hangar we solve issues during the sanding, painting and repair processes

  • Sanding
    • Dust adhesion
    • Airborne contamination (sanding dust particles)
    • Cleaning costs and time
  • Painting
    • Paint cracks
    • Dust related defects
    • Drying time water-based solvents
    • Airborne contamination (paint fumes)
  • Repairs
    • Repair time
    • Long turnaround time

particles suppression

Plane hangar

Solution: Dust particles suppression to improve product quality and production

Sanding and painting in the same hangar causes several issues for MRO paint shops, one of them being dust particles in the air. Our systems spray small water droplets in the air during and after the sanding process for dust particles suppression. In addition, we increase the humidity to prevent dust adhesion.

We offer customized solutions adapted to each hangar’s specifications: hangar size, air refreshment / air circulation rate, air flow, existing installation (HVAC), local climate, etc.

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Example of Systems / Products used for this solution

  • Pneumatic systems

AKIMist® “E”   BIM series

  • Hydraulic systems

KB series  KBN series 


dust suppression with LYOHM nozzles

LYOHM System®

  • Fan systems


  • Air systems




  • During the sanding process:
    • Less dust particles in the air
    • Less cleaning time
  • During the painting process:
    • Less paint fumes
    • Better working environment
    • Productivity increased
    • Less repairs

particles suppression

Advantages of this solution

  • Cost saving and productivity increased with less downtime and less workers needed
  • Higher humidity for a better working environment

Secondary applications and / or benefits related to a particle suppression

  • Suppress and prevent dust adhesion in a targeted space without wetting the environment
  • Aid air cleaning of contaminants
  • Uniform fog curtain by precisely engineering the droplet size distribution to achieve effective humidification and suppression
  • Cools down for any size of hanger, from small to large scale facilities
  • Other applications: humidification, indoor cooling

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