May 25, 2023

Sea of clouds cooling system

Ikeuchi Japan recently installed a cooling system called “Sea of clouds” in the Mazda baseball stadium in Hiroshima. This stadium is home to one of the most popular Japanese baseball teams, Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Baseball (“yakyuu” in Japanese) is the most popular sport in Japan and there are 12 professional baseball teams across the country.



Humid weather

In Japan, it tends to get very warm and humid during summertime. A Japanese baseball match on average lasts for around 3 hours, which is a long time for fans to sit in the sun. This is the reason why the Mazda baseball stadium decided to install a cooling system. This way, people can enjoy a match, even on a hot day.

A cooling sensation

The so-called “Sea of clouds” will appear about seven times a day before games and between innings. The fog will reduce the felt temperature by around 3 degrees and give a cooling sensation. The system sprays out around 60 liters of water in one minute. Due to the fog technology, the water is used very efficiently in a large area. A short video displaying the scenery can be found here: Video Sea of Clouds 

The director of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp Admission Ticket Department, Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, commented:

“The summer season is about to begin, and the temperature is getting hotter, so I hope you will enjoy watching the sea of clouds and cheering for the matches.”

Cooling solutions at sport events

The “sea of clouds” 大雲海 is only one of many possible cooling solutions from Ikeuchi. For instance the outdoor cooling gate which can be used at marathons and other sports events and the COOL Jetter cooling fan often used at football games. Cooling systems at sports events is a very important precaution in order to prevent heatstroke or other health issues, while simultaneously providing highly economical performance. Read more here: Link