November 2, 2023

Foam breaking in wastewater treatment plant

foam breaking in WWTP

Foam breaking

Foaming during the wastewater treatment process is a common issue in many WWTP. The foam can occur in several places from the aeration tank, the secondary clarifier and in the anaerobic digester. Foam is an issue as it can lead to a reduction of the system performance due to a reduction in oxygen transfer, a decrease in the concentration of biomass in the biological reactor, odor problems etc. In the worst case, the foam may even make the tank overflow and damage the surrounding equipment. Eventually, it will lead to an increase in operational and maintenance costs if not adressed (Collivignarelli, 2020).




Solution: Momojet®

Momojet® is an advanced type of spray nozzle which was developed specifically to break foam in WWTP. The spray nozzle has a high impact solid stream, which is powerful enough to break down the foam. This spray nozzle is also suitable for multi-nozzle setup when needed.

Momojet foam breaker in WWTP



Foam breaking spray nozzle in WWTP



Momojet is unique due to its self-cleaning function. By changing the liquid pressure, a built-in spring moves the split nozzle tip up and down and opens the orifice for purging away foreign particles. This reduces maintenance time and costs significantly.




BBXP foam breaker

if you are looking to cover a larger area, the BBXP spray nozzle can be a better alternative.  It has a full cone spraying pattern  with a wide spray angle. The 120° degree spray angle  provides  a larger spray coverage than most other nozzles.

Foam breaking spray nozzle in WWTP



AJP foam breaker for WWTP

AJP foam breaker

AJP also has a full cone spraying pattern, but it is a vaneless clog-resistant nozzle. This is convenient in cases where clogging is a concern. The spray nozzle produces larger droplets which are helpful to break form.


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