May 20, 2019

Pollution control with Fog


How to solve the airborne contamination with fog?

Working in a factory, you encounter different type of air pollution: fumes, dust, particles, vapors, gases, etc. Because you might inhale the airborne contaminants, ingest or absorb them through skin, air pollution control is mandatory.

But how can fog help you with pollution control?

Controlling your air pollution

Airborne contaminants are often invisible to human eyes. Even when talking about airborne dust, its size could be like the human skin cell we loose on a daily basis. We definitely don’t see them but they float in the air we breathe.

That is why it is important to clean the floating airborne contaminants from the working environment.

How to do it? Suppress with Fog!

When spraying water in the air, the water droplets will catch the contaminants and weight them to the ground. Whether it is a physical particle or fumes, creating a water curtain will catch and the pollution down.

The size of the water droplet is important. A small water droplet (same size as airborne contaminants) with a higher density will not break easily.



Thus, it can easily catch the contaminants mid air and weight them to the ground. Fumes, particles, all airborne contaminants will collide with the water droplets and clean the air at once.

Also spraying a Fog that doesn’t wet the objects is useful in this case as you can add moisture in a closed room without wetting any machines or operators.



Environmental solutions

First of all, spraying water is 100% ecological! Not to mention, adding a relative humidity level between 40 and 70% in the air decrease the development of flu viruses.

Secondly, using Fog prevent hazardous airborne contamination while helping your production to be more effective by lowering dust related defects for example.

Adding Fog in your factory has multiple benefits:

  • Suppress airborne pollution and maintain a clean air in the working environment;
  • Add humidity thus, eliminating static electricity problems;
  • Improve productivity and quality by preventing dust related defects on the final product;
  • Reduce worker sick days: humidity over 50% RH cuts the lifespan of cold and flu viruses.


To learn more about how to create a dust curtain in your factory:

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