SD-VV solenoid controlled spray nozzle




The SD-VV nozzles’ features:

● Controls the spray ON/OFF with electrical signal ON/OFF. Intermittent spray with min. 0.05 sec/ shot and as little as 0.05 cc/shot is possible.
● Ideal for applying a small amount of coating or marking with minimal splatter, saving liquid used.
● Nozzle tips can be replaced with a different orifice diameter code to adjust the spray flow rate.

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Pipe conn. size


Spray angle


Mean droplet diameter



Not included

Standard pressure

0.3 MPa

Spray capacity


Air consumption


Free passage diameter



The SD-VV series nozzles have multiple applications:

Coating: Water, oil, lubricant, insecticide, herbicide, aqueous solution
●Moisture control: Paper, food   ●Cooling: glass plate
●Suited for minimizing liquid splatter

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