Universal ball joint adaptor

UT series

UT series


The UT series adaptors’ features:

  • Allows adjustment of spray direction over a range of 50 degrees as desired.


[Metal type]

  • Withstands pressure design. Available from 1/8″ to 3/4″ in pipe connection sizes.
  • Use UT-S303 (stainless steel 303) at pressure under 15 MPa (ca. 150 bar).


[Plastic type]

  • Lightweight, high seal performance. Spray direction is adjustable while spraying (up to 0.3 MPa, ca. 3 bar).
  • Use UT-FRPP at pressure under 1 MPa (ca. 10 bar, at room temperature).


Cautions for both types:

  • Do not use under conditions where water hammer or sudden change of water pressure occurs.
  • For use with KB and KKBP series nozzles, a different type of UT Ball Joints are required. Inquire with us for details.

Note: The above photos are UT Ball Joints with spray nozzles attached.

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Main material

Stainless steel 303 or Glass-fiber reinforced PP (FRPP)


The UT series adaptors are used for:

  • Accurate nozzle alignment is possible after connected to a pipe.
  • Where large changes in spray direction are required depending on nozzle application such as cleaning and air blowing.

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