360° rotatable universal joint

WUT series

WUT series


The WUT series adaptors’ features:

  • 360° rotatable to adjust spray direction.
  • Includes the rotating lock to keep the nozzle direction fixed.
  • Stabilizing function suppresses internal turbulent flow.
  • Withstands high pressure up to 3 MPa (ca. 30 bar).
  • Safe design prevents parts from dropping off when the lock is released.


  1. The bolt may loosen because of vibration if it is screwed in by hand. Tighten with a torque-wrench at 6 N m.
  2. Maximum working pressure is 3 MPa (ca. 30 bar).
  3. When used with a solid stream jet nozzle, slightly turbulent flow occurs. Contact us for details.

Note: The above photo is WUT Universal Joint with a spray nozzle attached.

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Main material

SCS13, Stainless steel 303


The WUT series adaptors are used for:

  • Where the adjustments of spray directions are required after piping installation.
  • Where large changes in spray direction are required depending on nozzle application.

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